The London Marathon

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London Marathon

This time last year my friend Katrina and I decided that we would run the London marathon. I secured my place and received a charity position for the Intercountry Adoption Centre (IAC), an exceptionally hard working charity that helps with all things adoption, both domestically and internationally.

I set myself the target of raising a minimum of £2000. I was determined to reach this target and train hard, so that I would be able to actually cross the finishing line come April 24th.

I started training 3 times a week with a local personal trainer who encouraged me to run on the roads to acclimatise to the varying terrain. He also assisted me in muscle building and toning through weight lifting. Shortly into my training I purchased myself a pair of Asics trainers to run in which were fantastic. I was recommended these trainers due to them having an arch support and being lightweight, which is vital for long distance running. This was excellent advice as after running 26.2 miles in warm, dry conditions my feet remained blister free.

In addition to the Asics trainers, my training regime was fuelled by several energy gels to ensure both my sugar levels and stamina were maintained. After 17 miles during the race the sweetness of these energy gels had intensified hugely due to the steady decline of sugar levels lost whilst running! As well as these I also munched my way through plenty of jelly belly sports beans which were great at times when I couldn't face downing another energy gel. Contrary to popular belief I didn't need to carry a water bottle due to the frequency of the water stations which were set up every mile along the route.

At some points during the course I felt like I couldn't take another step, but the crowds cheered me on tremendously which made me even more determined to keep running. The moment I turned the corner onto tower bridge and ran across the river with thousands of people shouting my name for the final stretch I knew that I had it in me to keep going.

After 5 hours and 8 minutes we crossed the finishing line. We managed to raise £4547.95 for our charity, the Intercountry Adoption Centre, which we were absolutely thrilled with.

Running the marathon was a superb experience. There were times when it was tough and seemed almost impossible, but you forget all about that when you hear the crowds and see the finish line. The sense of pride I had when I finished was a feeling that will stay with me forever.

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