5 reasons why New Zealand is the world’s ultimate outdoors destination

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In July, to celebrate the revamped Ultimate Outdoors shop and website, we launched a competition to win the adventure of a lifetime: a tour of New Zealand with renowned tour company Flying Kiwi, complete with flights and all manner of extras.

Since then, we’ve gone a bit New Zealand crazy, and can’t get enough of the outdoor pursuits offered in the Land of The Long White Cloud. So, to whet your appetite, here are some reasons why New Zealand should be top of any outdoor addict’s bucket list:

1. True Wilderness

On the face of it, having more sheep than people may not sound like a selling point, but when you travel to a land that boasts eleven woollen critters to every person, you know that real wilderness won’t be hard to find. This is the beauty of New Zealand: safely accessible wilderness interspersed with thriving cities. And yes, a lot of sheep.

2. Spoilt by microclimates

New Zealand is a paradise for gear freaks, being a place where you can feasibly use your entire outdoor wardrobe in one trip. From lush rainforest hikes to snowy fun on the pistes, it has often been said to condense the whole world into one country.

3. The biggest and the best

A country made for hyperbole, you’d be hard pressed to find an extreme sport you couldn’t enjoy in New Zealand. Take the ultimate leap of faith and bungy an incredible 134 metres at The Nevis Bungy, sail through a glow worm grotto then hold on for your life as you battle some Grade V white water rapids. That’s not to mention the incredible hiking, biking and skiing available to you on these small but perfectly formed islands.

4.View to a thrill

Staggering vistas and starry starry nights: a lack of artificial light makes New Zealand captivating by night whilst, during daylight hours, dramatic mountain scenery will take your breath away.

5. Wonders of the world

Rudyard Kipling considered vast Milford Sound to be the eighth wonder of the world. The still waters of this mighty fjord, populated by seals, whales, penguins and dolphins, are possibly New Zealand’s most famous tourist draw; in fact up to 1 million visitors a year are lured to here by the world-class cruising and hiking opportunities that the area offers.

Still not convinced? Check out this video, kindly provided by Flying Kiwi, that shows you just what you’re missing out on then enter our competition here:


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